Surface Mount Base Plate


  • Heavy Duty Galvanised Base plate with spiggot
Secured using 6 x Concrete impact resistant anchors


      From $100.00 (Contact us for quote)


      Use to secure any post or bollard 60 - 200 mm diameter

      60 mm are secured directly to base plate. Larger bollards require 2 x Impact Recovery Rings and an internal securing post.

      You require a sacrificial internal securing post to secure 100- 200 mm bollards to the sustainable foundations (all other components re-usable).  Suggest buying 1 or 2 spares.



      It's like lifetime insurance for your bollards

      Brochure PDF







       Deflection of Bollard upon impact from vehicle (not by hand)

      CODE Diameter Deflection of Bollard
      IRR 100 100 mm Does not deflect
      IRR 140 140 mm Deflects 8 degrees
      IRR 165 165 mm Deflects 10 degrees
      IRR 168 168 mm Deflects 12 degrees
      IRR 200 200 mm Deflects 15 degrees
      IRR 168 168 mm Deflects 20 degrees



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