Smart Safety-Stop In-ground


To prevent bollard from deflecting beyond 20 degrees a solid steel internal rod is inserted inside the bollard and will stop a vehicle in it's tracks. Rod can be removed and relocated as required.

  • Bollard 165 Steel
  • Capped
  • 650 mm Depth Foundation


From $560.00 (Contact us for quote)

Foundations re-usable impact after impact. Bollard impact resistant, removable and relocatable


making foundations & bollards re-usable impact after impact

  • Internal Steel Rod stops a vehicle at 20 degrees
  • Foundations protected for entire lifespan of development
  • Bollards protected from damage impact after impact
  • Bollards removable for events, maintenance and upgrades
  • Enables bollards to absorb low speed impact from vehicles
  • Safely and slowly self-recover time & time again
  • If badly impacted bollard becomes removable & re-usable
  • Smart components re-usable



Improve safety & sustainability



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