Spring Return Posts


Totally eradicate maintenance!

Set of tools required


    Enables posts to deflect 180 degrees & self recover. 60 O.D. (50 NB) Posts and bollards are secured to base using Allen key. Posts can be driven over and self recover (deflects 180 degrees). Withstands hundreds and hundreds of impacts, and continues to self-recover. 


    Secured on Smart Sustainable Foundations - Lifetime warranty

    Secured on the Smart sustainable foundations (lifetime warranty) making posts removable for events, maintenance or future upgrades. Excellent for wide-loads and vulnerable signs such as Keep Left signs, small hazard signs and parking signs.


    Entire Springy base can easily be removed and relocated using Smart Taper-lock.

    Steel CHS Post 60mm OD [H 900 mm – 1600 mm]secured on Smart Sustainable Foundations 350 mm depth

    Sign Carrying capacity:
    1600 mm post supports 1 x 600 x 450 mm aluminium sign. 1400 mm post (or less) can support 2 x 600 x 450 mm aluminium signs


    Approved for use by MRWA and RMS NSW

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