Smart Posts


Secured on sustainable foundations 


 Tools required

NB: MRWA Maintenance Teams and all major councils in WA have removal tools

Signposts can be installed from as shallow as 350 mm Deep in paved areas. Sockets can be installed when pouring foundations or retro-fitted and posts simply dropped into position (no digging or heavy labour, no disturbance or waste) saving an enormous amount of time and money



  • Zero Damage
  • Zero Waste
  • Zero On-going costs
  • Improves Safety and efficiency
  • No disturbance for maintenance
  • No costly delays or trip factors
  • Lifetime Warranty on foundations


the foundations for building a better future

Protect foundations from damage for the entire lifespan of a development. Substantially reduce the cost of installing & maintaining infrastructure.


Innovator of the Year / DOH&S Worksafe Award


Socket can be installed when laying foundations or retro-fitted and posts are simply dropped into ground socket automatically locking in securely and can only be removed using tools provided. No on-going damage, no on-going costs.

Remove using foot tool or industrial tool


Keeps working year after year, impact after impact.

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