No damage when items are impacted

When items are impacted there is no damage to the surrounding foundations. Foundations become reusable impact after impact. (Ground socket is made from self-healing plastic and as the Taper is self-locking, requiring no breakable locking components, it will continue working effectively impact after impact). 




The Smart ground socket creates a protective shield between the item and the concrete foundations to make the item removable and the foundation re-usable. The quality of the concrete will determine the life of the foundation. Good quality concrete can last up to 100 years, whereas rapid-set can be damaged upon first impact - choose wisely. 

Posts bend at ground level

When items are impacted by a vehicle the post bends at ground level. The ground socket remains undisturbed and the item can be simply levered from the ground socket using tools

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Severe impacts

When items are impacted at high speed the post (CHS 50 NB x 2.3 / 2.9 / 3.6 / 5 mm and even solid bar) still bends at ground level (no damage to foundations) and items can be removed and replaced in literally seconds. 

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Sheared off or flattened posts

When posts are flattened or sheared off at ground level - no problem, we have tools to enable simple removal. of both flattened and sheared off posts. Works every time- guaranteed!

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NB: If you do not want the foundations to be dislodged when the item is impacted the Concrete foundations must be installed deep enough to ensure they are not dislodged when the item is impacted. This will depend upon existing soil conditions, existing foundations, size of item to be installed, wind conditions and the risk of impact from vehicles. Follow local guidelines, as soil and wind conditions differ from region to region 

 You will find some suggestions in our Installation Instructions




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