What makes these foundations so Smart?

"This idea is so simple, it is almost embarrassing nobody thought of it before"

The Sunday Times  (in response to Department of Commerce awarding Smart Urban Innovator of the Year)


The secret lies in the simplicity of the design

  1. Made from recycled waste: (considered the world's most environmentally friendly plastic). Unlike metal devices, Smart Foundations are made from 100% recycled waste.

  2. Made from a “Smart plastic” Unlike metal that can corrode or be damaged upon impact, Smart Foundations are made using a Smart Plastic compound that is both impact resistant and self-healing, protecting surrounding concrete foundations from damage impact after impact, year after year

  3. Smart locking mechanism (Unlike metal devices that require keys or padlocks) Items remain secure year after year using only friction. A key factor is that unlike metal sockets that are perpendicular, Smart ground sockets are tapered, so dirt, water, wind and grit do not adversely affect the locking action

  4. Keep working for the life of a development - Unlike metal or brittle plastic devices (that rust, corrode, becoming distorted or damaged upon impact) because Smart Sustainable Foundations have no breakable components, no matter how long between removals, items can be easily removed using the tools provided, (even sheared off or flattened posts). No on-going costs

  5. More reliable than any other device. As there are no breakable components, Smart Sustainable Foundations are more reliable than any other securing method.Works every- time, guaranteed! Items remain secure- excellent for safety barriers at events as they cannot become unstable or be relocated by public, easy to install and replace.

  6. Smart tools - Smart ergonomically designed tools enable installation of ground sockets from standing position, removal and replacement of damaged items from a standing position facing traffic. Awarded Worksafe Award DOH&S

  7. Smart installation Smart sockets can be simply positioned upright when pouring concrete foundations, creating a perfect finish, and the infrastructure for an entire development can be installed in a single day. Items are perfectly aligned - It is very easy to spot a Smart development!

  8. Low Cost:  Unlike metal devices, Smart Foundations are low cost (approx half the cost of metal devices with a limited lifespan) Smart Urban has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce the dies necessary to provide a RRP lower than non-sustainable securing devices and encourage universal application.

  9. Cost - effective. The cost over the entire lifespan of the product (100 years) they are a fraction of the cost of metal devices. Rather than being an expense, smart technology integration creates considerable opportunities for added value by improving the economic, social and environmental sustainability of a city, improving efficiency, reducing costs and risks, and improving the living conditions of its citizens. No variables or risks

  10. Items become interchangeable. Because you can secure any size or dimension of post or bollard on the same foundations, tables, seating, bins, bollards, barriers, sports posts, statues become interchangeable for events, or upgrades. Public space becomes liquid- able to adapt to changing needs

  11. Only device Approved Nationally - The only securing device approved for use by Australian Road Authorities in every state.

  12. Innovator of the Year Awarded Innovator of the Year by Dept of Commerce for developing the world's first sustainable solution to this growing world-wide problem.

  13. Worksafe Award  Awarded Worksafe Award by Department of Occupational Health and Safety for successfully addressing the major cause of injury: body stressing and the risk of damaging underground services from digging and heavy labour) and substantially reducing the risk of serious injury by reducing time spent in dangerous traffic  to a bare minimum



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