Items are only removable using the ergonomic removal tool that enables removal of items from a standing position facing on-coming traffic. 

Industrial tool

Foot Removal tool

Foot Removal tool

To remove items slip base of tool around post and as you do this the arm will rise. Apply jerking action to arm to break seal and remove item. A small pin is inserted near the base of the post and a foot tool is placed under the pin and used to lever the post from the ground socket. The foot tool can also be used for removing the Internal securing post on the Impact Recovery System.  (Pin must be inserted to enable use of foot tool)

 An installation tool can be used to install ground socket if item is not ready to install (for heavy items this is recommended, in windy , when you do not have time to wait for concrete to cure).

Installation tool

Installation tool

 Removal tool

Installation tool is a 60.03 poly pipe with a Self-locking Taper attached at a level to ensure it will not lock into ground socket. Tool is inserted inside ground socket Installation Tools is used to position ground socket upright to check alignment and ensure socket is not distorted when compacting concrete.

Industrial removal tool includes sheared post attachment for removing sheared off posts. Sharpen head regularly to improve grip


 Works every-time !



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