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Smart Sustainable foundations include:

  • Self-healing Ground socket (150 - 650 mm +)
  • Smart Taper-lock (for securing 60 mm posts)
  • Impact Recovery System (for securing 100 - 200 mm bollards)
  • Made from 100% recycled waste


What depth socket should I use ?

NB: The socket is simply a shield to protect the foundations from damage and make items removable from the concrete foundation- it will not effect the size foundation required. The base must be made large enough to ensure it remains upright when the item is impacted. The size base really depends on the soil conditions, the size of the item, wind conditions and potential impact force (slower speed impact is actually worse than high speed as the post bend much easier upon high speed impact).

  • 150 mm sockets are for securing small items such as small signage on solid concrete traffic islands or footpaths, small barriers, bins, street furniture secured to solid concrete or asphalt foundations.

  • 350 mm is standard depth used for most applications used to secure any post, bin, bollard, barrier or item of street furniture (you can secure foudnation to roadbase or asphalt, and can bell out concrete base to improve stability).

  • 650 mm is used for large items such as large signage, large statues, football posts and large bollards installed using stand-alone foundations secured into soil (cannot be secured to exisitng concrete or asphalt foundation)


Is the Smart Taper-lock Approved by Road Authorities ?

Yes it is the only securing device approved for use by all Australian Road authorities.  MRWA has approved the use of CHS posts (cheaper and more sustainable than RHS posts) on its network to enable the application of the Smart Taper-lock. Click here for details


Self-healing Ground Socket. What makes it so Smart?

The Smart ground socket creates a protective shield between the item and the concrete foundations to make the item removable and the foundation re-usable. Made from a “Smart plastic” (considered the most environmentally friendly of all plastics ) that is self-healing and protects surrounding paving from damage impact after impact, year after year.


Smart Taper-lock, what makes it so Smart?

The Smart Taper-lock uses a smart self-locking principle (see below for details) to lock items into the ground socket requiring no pins, padlocks or breakable components to secure items tight- items remain safe, secure and stable year after year.

Because the ground socket is internally tapered, dirt and grit fall to the bottom of the ground socket and do not adversely effect the locking action (patented principle so no-one else has this technology world-wide) and unlike metal sockets the Smart Taper will continue working effectively year after year.


How do posts lock into the Socket “automatically”?

The Smart Taper is designed using an age old engineering principle referred to as the Morse Taper (named after the inventor). The Self-locking Morse Taper was designed for large metal drill bits to ensure they did not become loose during operation because of the dirt, grit and constant vibrations (the Taper actually locks in tighter when the item is vibrating – from wind or vandals).

The internal of the ground socket is tapered identically to the Smart Taper and uses friction to lock in tight (with over 200 kg of upward force required to remove the item from the socket). Items cannot become loose or unstable in the socket and dirt and grit do not adversely effect the locking action. Keeps working impact after impact. Smart Urban has a world-wide patent on the application of this principle to the securing of posts (any size or dimension).


What happens when items are impacted?

If impacted posts bend at ground level and are simply levered out using the foot tool or base of industrial tool.  If post is sheared off there's a tool for that- works every time guaranteed! 

The quality of the concrete will determine the life of the foundation. Good quality concrete can last up to 100 years, whereas rapid-set can be damaged upon first impact - choose wisely.

NB: If you do not want the foundations to be dislodged when the item is impacted the Concrete foundations must be installed deep enough to ensure they are not dislodged when the item is impacted. This will depend upon existing soil conditions, existing foundations, size of item to be installed, wind conditions and the risk of impact from vehicles. Follow local guidelines, as soil and wind conditions differ from region to region 


If it is so good, why is the Smart Taper-lock so cheap?

No item of infrastructure (if not impacted by vehicles) will a last the entire lifetime of a development without fading, rusting or simply growing  tired and requiring replacement.  We wanted to ensure it was financially viable to secure all items on the Smart Taper-lock and not limit it’s application to vulnerable items so that entire developments could be made waste free.

The Smart Taper-lock was developed over a twenty year period by a family run business that maintains its low overheads and we have refined the manufacturing process to enable the products to be produced at a price that made it economical to use on all locations . We have not had to increase the price in over a decade. Compare prices


Can I download Directions and Specifications?

Yes click here for a list of specifications, installation instructions, Directions for use and Videos.


How do you work out it costs $780,000.00 to replace just one post a week?

We used the lowest estimated cost for replacing a damaged sign-post ($150.00). Once a week x the expected lifespan  of a development (100 years) = 150 x 52 x 100. This does not include the cost of tipping fees; workplace injury; cost fo heavy equipment such as grinders and jackhammers; cost of dial before you dig; damage to underground services; traffic management costs and so many other variables that are costing road authorities millions every year. An authority replacing around ten items a week is paying out $$78,000 a year, with no future benefit.


What material is the Smart Taper-lock made from?

Polypropylene (considered the most environmentally friendly of all plastics) . It was also selected due to it’s resistance to impact and excellent memory properties making it what is termed a “self-healing”plastic. Sockets will continue working effectively year after Year! Many thousands of sockets have been installed nationally and internationally with the first sockets installed over a decade ago and continue working today! 


What Testing has the Smart Taper undergone?

Thoroughly laboratory and field tested with thousands of units installed over more than a decade (not one has required replacing in more than a decade). Independently Impact tested. Tested and Approved by N.S.W R.T.A and WA Main Roads Dept. of Queensland and WA. Approved nationally. Awarded D.O.H&S Worksafe Award. The award recognizes outstanding OHS solutions and innovation in Western Australian workplaces. Winner of Department of Commerce Innovator of the Year.

More than one hundred thousand units installed in Australia since 2003, Japan since 2004 and Europe since 2005  

Can the Smart Taper fade, become brittle or crack?

The Smart Taper is made from what is referred to as “Smart Plastic” as it is made from a plastic that is highly durable and resistant to impact. It has memory properties that enable it to absorb impact and return to its original shape without damage. It will not fade, crack or become brittle. The only thing that can adversely effect polypropylene is sun but as the unit is installed beneath the surface it is not subject to sunlight. NB: ground sockets must be installed flush with surface to protect from damage when item is impacted and must be capped off when items are removed ( You will find some suggestions in our Installation Instructions)


What do you mean by sustainable?

Sustainable means the ability to endure. The Smart Taper is the ONLY securing device that will continue working effectively for the life of a development. The Smart Sustainable Foundations will endure for generations, reducing costs for generations and reducing waste for generations. Install sockets when laying foundations protecting foundations from damage for the life of the development (No damage, No waste, No Landfill, No on-going costs), or retro-fit putting an end to the constant cycle of damage & waste. No concrete or highly carbon intensive supplies required for maintenance.

Relocatable concrete foundations are now available that enable mine sites to leave behind no concrete – no carbon footprint when re-locating a mine site. All other Smart components are low cost and re-usable. Smart products are physically; financially and environmentally sustainable.


How do you secure different sizes and dimension of post on the same socket?

We use Impact Recovery Rings to secure larger posts and bollards on the same ground socket. These rings are impact absorbing (like shock absorbers) that enable the bollard to absorb low speed impact and self recover. The system makes the bollard removable and re-usable following bad impact

So for larger diameter items you not only re-use the foundation but you get to re-use the bollard following impact.


Who has used Smart products?

More than one hundred thousand units installed in Australia since 2003, Japan since 2004 and Europe since 2005 and no unit has ever required replacing in this time. We have hundreds of happy users, including many of Australia’s market leaders, happy to recommend the system and provide testimonials. Click here for  details.

 All products are fully patented and owned by Smart Urban Pty Ltd. Manufactured in Australia. We supply Australia-wide and ship Internationally. Call for details.


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