Selecting Impact Recovery System

STEP 1. Select Bollard

Select any steel, stainless steel or plastic bollard from 60 - 200 mm diameter. if you want your bollard to deflect and self-recover choose from 150 - 165 mm diameter bollards in steel or plastic. You can secure them directly in-ground or surface mount, but we highly recommend using Smart Sustainable Foundations to secure your bollards



STEP 2. Select Foundations


150 mm
350 mm
650 mm
S Mount


60 mm Bollards are secured In-ground using Smart Sustainable Foundations. 

90 - 200 mm Diameter Impact Recovery Bollards can be secured In-ground using Smart Sustainable Foundations or Surface Mounted using the Impact Recovery System (protecting base plate from damage and making both the base plate and the bollard re-usable impact after impact). 

sockets                                base plate



STEP 3. Select Impact Recovery Rings for self-recovering bollards

  (2 Required per bollard)

CODE                       RINGS Diameter Weight Deflection
IRR150 Standard 150 mm 1 kg 0 - 10 degrees
IRR165 Standard 165 mm 1 kg 0 - 10 degrees
IRR150-SF Super-Flex 150 mm 1 kg 0 - 20 degrees

Standard Impact Recovery Rings enable bollard to remain secure and only deflect upon impact from vehicle. Super-flex will deflect upon low impact (such as bike rider). Rings are re-usable withstanding hundreds of impacts.

Rigid bollards do not require rings.


STEP 4.  Select Internal Securing Post (resistance to damage)


Surface Mount 3.6 0 mm 3 kg
In-ground 350 mm MED 3.6 350 mm 6 kg
In-ground 650 mm MED 3.6 650 mm 8 .5kg
In-ground 650 mm HD 5.0 650 mm 10 kg
In-ground 650 mm SOLID 60 650 mm 20 KG
Surface Mount 3.6 0 mm 5 kg
In-ground 350 mm MED 3.6 350 mm 4 kg
In-ground 650 mm MED 3.6 650 mm 6 .5kg
In-ground 650 mm HD 5.0 650 mm 8 kg
In-ground 650 mm SOLID 60 650 mm 20 KG
Pin - foot tool NA    

Base plate rigidThe wall thickness of the internal securing post determines the resistance against damage. If internal post is bent- it easily replaceable.

  1. For less vehicle damage select 3.6 wall thickness.
  2. For less likelihood of post bending, select 5 mm wall thickness.
  3. If you want post not to bend, and to stop a vehicle in its tracks, select 60 mm Solid steel heavy duty internal core.


more info


With high speed impact from a heavy vehicle (such as large truck) a medium or heavy gauge internal securing post may bend at ground level. A distance the length of the bollard (IE: 1m for a 1200 mm high bollard) is recommended from any glass windows or building perimeters.  If you wish to stop a passenger vehicle in it's tracks- you need to use a solid 60 mm core. For a more heavy duty solution refer to Smart Sure -Stop Bollards

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