Selecting Impact Recovery System

STEP 1. Select Bollard

Select any steel, stainless steel or plastic bollard from 60 - 200 mm diameter. You can secure them directly in-ground or surface mount, but we highly recommend using Smart Sustainable Foundations to secure your bollards



STEP 2. Select Foundations


60 mm 150 mm 50 units [400 x 400 x 400] 16 kg
60 mm 350 mm 25 units [400 x 400 x 400] 12 kg
60 mm 650 mm 25 units 2 X [400 x 400 x 400] 20 kg
200 mm S Mount 1 unit 200 x 10 8kg


60 mm Bollards are secured In-ground using Smart Sustainable Foundations. 

90 - 200 mm Diameter Impact Recovery Bollards can be secured In-ground using Smart Sustainable Foundations or Surface Mounted using the Impact Recovery System (protecting base plate from damage and making both the base plate and the bollard re-usable impact after impact). 

sockets                                base plate



STEP 3. Select Impact Recovery Rings or Impact Absorbing Sleeve

IMPACT RECOVERY RINGS (2 Required per bollard)

CODE                       RINGS Diameter Weight Deflection
IRR150 Standard 150 mm 1 kg 0 - 10 degrees
IRR165 Standard 165 mm 1 kg 0 - 10 degrees
IRR150-SF Super-Flex 150 mm 1 kg 0 - 20 degrees

Standard Impact Recovery Rings enable bollard to remain secure and only deflect upon impact from vehicle. Super-flex will deflect upon low impact (such as bike rider).

Rings are re-usable withstanding hundreds of impacts.
2 x Impact Recovery Rings required per bollard.


IMPACT ABSORBING SLEEVES  (1 Required per bollard)

CODE MATERIAL LENGTH Diameter Deflection
IRPS-90S Steel 500 mm 90 mm 2 degrees
IRPS-90S Stainless 500 mm 90 mm 2 degrees
IRPS-140 Steel 500 mm 140 mm 2 degrees
IRPS-150 Poly 500 mm 150 mm 4 degrees
IRPS-165 Steel 500 mm 165 mm 4 degrees

Impact absorbing poly sleeves enable bollards to be secured on Smart Sustainable Foundations making the bollard and foundations re-usable impact after impact. Bollards remain rigid and do not self recover.



STEP 4.  Select Internal Securing Post (resistance to damage)


Surface Mount 3.6 0 mm 3 kg
In-ground 350 mm MED 3.6 350 mm 6 kg
In-ground 650 mm MED 3.6 650 mm 8 .5kg
In-ground 650 mm HD 5.0 650 mm 10 kg
In-ground 650 mm SOLID 60 650 mm 20 KG
Surface Mount 3.6 0 mm 5 kg
In-ground 350 mm MED 3.6 350 mm 4 kg
In-ground 650 mm MED 3.6 650 mm 6 .5kg
In-ground 650 mm HD 5.0 650 mm 8 kg
In-ground 650 mm SOLID 60 650 mm 20 KG
Pin - foot tool NA    

Base plate rigidThe wall thickness of the internal securing post determines the resistance against damage. If internal post is bent- it easily replaceable.

  1. For less vehicle damage select 3.6 wall thickness.
  2. For less likelihood of post bending, select 5 mm wall thickness.
  3. If you want post not to bend, and to stop a vehicle in its tracks, select 60 mm Solid steel heavy duty internal core.


more info


With high speed impact from a heavy vehicle (such as large truck) the internal securing post has the ability to bend to ground level (although the 165 mm diameter of the bollard disables the post from completely being flattened) the post can bend to approximately 80 degrees. A distance the length of the bollard (IE: 800 mm for an 800 mm high bollard) is recommended from any glass windows or building perimeters.  If you wish to stop a passenger vehicle in it's tracks- you need to use a solid 60 mm core. For a more heavy duty solution refer to Smart Safe-Stop Bollards. 

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