Improve Safety & Effectiveness

Take the complex job of infrastructure maintenance and make it simple 

 "Our selection is not based on price alone, we also considered the safety and saving aspects. The Smart foundations allow quick replacement of items with no further effort required to the base, (providing a significant cost benefit in replacing the damaged item by reusing the existing footing) and reduces risk of injury to employees by reducing time spent on traffic islands exposed to traffic.



Safer roads

Zero damage to footpaths and foundations impact after impact. No trip factors. Items cannot become loose, remaining safe, stable and secure year after year.

Damaged items are quickly replaced No dangerous delays or disturbance 

Developments remain in pristine condition year after year and there's no excuse for dangerous infrastructure



Safer workplace

Eradicate the no.1. cause of workplace injury: Body stressing caused by digging and heavy labour 

Successfully address the no.1. cause of serious workplace injury by reducing time spent in dangerous traffic  

Removes the growing risk of hitting underground services.

Awarded Worksafe Award DOH&S


On time

It takes about 20 mins to install traffic management, dig up and  replace the damaged foundation, and dispose of the waste, but if you run into problems half and hour can quickly turn into half a day, and there goes your deadline. 


Smart infrastructure is replaced in less than 20 seconds every time, no variables!


More effective new works

For New works,and upgrades instead of taking weeks to dig up newly laid foundations and install infrastructure (damaging the integrity of the foundations) you can install the infrastructure for an entire development in a single day from as shallow as 150 mm depth avoiding underground services. 

Providing a perfect finish every time with no risk of time and budget overruns


More effective maintenance

You can super-power your workforce as damaged items can be replaced in seconds - keeping our roads and streetscapes cleaner and safer.

Items can be quickly removed, replaced or relocated for events, maintenance or future upgrades.

Super-power your workforce substantially improving effectiveness



No variables

Using current methods you budget $150 per replacement  (but if you hit underground cables or a worker is injured- you will be looking at thousands)

By re-using the concrete foundations you eradicate variables, greatly simplifying infrastructure maintenance and the ability to budget for future works.

Click here to discover how you  overcome common problems and eradicate the risk of cost overruns






Smart Sustainable Foundations are designed and manufactured in Australia.  International Patent pending and Trademarked trademark-symbol


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