Smart Sustainable Foundations can be installed on new works by simply positioning upright when pouring the concrete foundations (or can be retro-fitted by removing a few pavers or core drilling) reducing the cost of installing items and making foundations re-usable impact after impact.

Current MRWA specs stipulate signposts should be installed 600 mm - 1m depth causing major problems with underground obstacles and the growing number of underground services. It requires digging and heavy labour (risk of workplace injury) and is time-consuming resulting in tonnes of wasted concrete and carbon intensive landfill every year

By using Smart sustainable foundations the depth can be reduced to as shallow as 150 mm depth in solid concrete traffic islands or footpaths (with the standard depth being only 350 mm) and 650 mm for posts installed directly into soil. This, plus the fact the foundation will never need replacing,substantially reduces your risk of damaging underground services.






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