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Install the infrastructure for an entire development, in a single day

Instead of spending weeks digging up the newly laid foundations to install infrastructure, you can install the infrastructure for an entire development in a single day. A self-locking taper is attached to the item using self-drilling screws (provided) and items are simply dropped into position, automatically locking in and remaining secure for decades. 

            • Create a perfect finish
            • Items are perfectly aligned
            • Items are installed in seconds
            • No disturbance to traffic or public
            • Preserve the integrity of foundations
            • Improve the lifespan of your development
            • Save day 1 and continue saving for decades



      On time, On budget, every time!

      Smart ground sockets can be installed (flush with the surface) by simply positioning upright when pouring concrete foundations and the infrastructure for an entire development can be installed in a single day. No risks or variables, No risk of cost overruns. Using tools provided, all work can be conducted from a standing position facing on-coming traffic. No costly delays, no risk of damage to underground services or newly laid foundations, and substantially reduced time working in dangerous traffic.

      Perfect finish -it's easy to spot a Smart development!

      Substantially improving the aesthetics and integrity of the foundations - providing a perfect finish that will be preserved for decades. Items are perfectly aligned and remain secure year after year- It is easy to spot a Smart development!



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      Approvals* Innovator of the Year * DOH&S Worksafe Award *Made from 100% Recycled waste * Approved by Australian Road Authorities

      Smart Sustainable Foundations are designed and manufactured in Australia. International Patent pending and Trademarked trademark-symbol


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