How Smart Taper-lock works

"So simple, it's almost embarrassing nobody thought of it before."

The Sunday Times

The Smart Sustainable Foundations provide a protective shield, protecting the foundations from damage impact after impact, year after year developments remain in pristine condition. Maintenance is performed in seconds as items are effortlessly removed using ergonomically designed tools that are operated from a standing position 



What makes these foundations so Smart?

Unlike metal devices, Smart Foundations continue working impact after impact. Items cannot become loose or unstable, cannot  become stuck in the ground socket and the unit will not rust or corrode

  1. Made from a “Smart plastic” (considered the world's most environmentally friendly plastic) that is both impact resistant and self-healing, protecting surrounding concrete foundations from damage impact after impact, year after year

  2. Using a Smart locking mechanism (no keys or padlocks required and no breakable components) Items remain secure year after year using only friction. As the ground socket is tapered, dirt, water, wind and grit do not adversely affect the locking action

  3. Only device that works every time - Unlike metal or brittle plastic devices that can rust, corrode, become distorted or damaged upon impact, because Smart Sustainable Foundations have no breakable components, no matter how long between removals, items can be easily removed using the tools provided, (even sheared off or flattened posts). No variables

  4. Smart tools - Smart ergonomically designed tools enable installation of ground sockets from standing position, removal and replacement of damaged items from a standing position facing traffic

  5. Smart installation - Smart sockets can be simply positioned upright when pouring concrete foundations, creating a perfect finish, and the infrastructure for an entire development can be installed in a single day

  6. Only device Approved Nationally - The only securing device approved for use by Australian Road Authorities in every state.

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 Smart Taper-lock is designed and manufactured in Australia. Has an International Patent pending and is Trademarked   trademark-symbol





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