How Smart Taper-lock works

 Installing Infrastructure

Instead of spending weeks digging up the newly laid foundations to install infrastructure, you can install the infrastructure for an entire development in a single day. A self-locking taper is attached to the item using self-drilling screws (provided) and items are simply dropped into position, automatically locking in and remaining secure for decades. 

            • Create a perfect finish
            • Items are perfectly aligned
            • Items are installed in seconds
            • No disturbance to traffic or public
            • Preserve the integrity of foundations
            • Improve the lifespan of your development
            • Save day 1 and continue saving for decades




      Maintaining infrastructure

      As no item of infrastructure will last 100 years, embedding items directly in concrete provides no future benefit. Replacing 1 sign-post per week may cost only $150 but that equates to a massive $1 million wasted over the life of a development! To install items directly in concrete or install items using a non-sustainable device is simply transferring the problem, not solving the problem. Instead of throwing more and more money at the problem..  By making foundations re-usable you put an end to capital and resource intensive maintenance practices for the life of a development. No on-going costs or risk of cost overruns.


                • No damage when items are impacted
                • Items are replaced in seconds
                • No digging or heavy labour
                • No disturbance to traffic or public
                • Preserve the integrity of foundations
                • Improve the lifespan of your development


          Simply light years ahead of any other securing device

          Smart Urban was awarded Innovator of the Year for developing the world's first truly sustainable foundations.


          The Smart ground socket is installed flush with ground level providing a protective shield between the item and the concrete foundations to preserve the integrity of the valuable foundations for the entire lifespan of a development. Good quality concrete can last up to 100 years, whereas rapid-set can be damaged upon first impact - choose wisely as the quality of the concrete will determine the life of the foundation.


          "So simple, it's almost embarrassing nobody thought of it before."  The Sunday Times

          The unique factor being its simplicity - More resilient than any other device because it cannot rust and has no breakable components, providing a level of reliability you cannot get from any metal or brittle plastic device. No other device will protect surrounding foundations and continue working effectively for the entire lifespan of a development. 


          Only device Approved Nationally 
          DOH&S Worksafe Award
          Innovator of the Year

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          Approvals* Innovator of the Year  * DOH&S Worksafe Award  *Made from 100% Recycled waste   * Approved by Australian Road Authorities

          Smart Sustainable Foundations are designed and manufactured in Australia.  International Patent pending and Trademarked trademark-symbol




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