How many units will we need?

New Works

For new works it is cost-effective and Smart to install all infrastructure on Smart Sustainable Foundations, substantially reducing the cost of installing infrastructure,  providing a far superior finish that will endure for generations.


20% of locations are responsible for approximately 80% of the workload

For maintenance there's no need to rip up good foundations, simply install sockets on all damaged foundations putting an end to damage for the remaining lifespan of the development (50 - 100 years). By applying the 80/20 Rule, we can determine that 80% of your workload is generated by 20% of the most vulnerable locations. If you have 500 call-outs per year, 100 locations would be responsible for around around 400 call-outs

    NB: This usually includes the city centre and highly populated regions will be more vulnerable to damage. Other vulnerable areas may include areas experiencing high traffic high volumes, or a greater number of trucks; parking areas; coastal locations where corrosion is major factor ; or around schools and shopping centres where vandalism is responsible for increased workloads. Don't worry - they will identify themselves.


      For every 100 items you replace per year, you will need

      You will need 20 units for the most vulnerable locations and 20 for the remaining 20% of the workload (additional 10 units for new items as every year the amount of vulnerable items will increase). By year 2 or 3 the majority of vulnerable locations will be sustainable and 80% of the workload is then safer and more efficient for the life of the development.

      • Around 50 Smart Sustainable Foundations year 1
      • Around 20 Smart Sustainable Foundations year 2
      • Around 10 Smart Sustainable Foundations year 3
      • less every year after that until the entire city is Smart



      By year 2 the majority of vulnerable locations will be sustainable and 80% of your on-going work is simple. No digging or heavy labour for the next 50 - 100 years


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