Bollard tools

An installation tool is required to install ground socket. Removal tools are required to remove items from ground socket. If items are impacted there is no damage to the foundations and flattened or sheared off posts can be easily removed. 


Industrial tool

Foot Removal tool

Foot Removal tool

Remove security stud and slip off the bollard casing. Use tool to remove bollard or internal securing post to break seal and remove A small pin is inserted near the base of small diameter bollards  and a foot tool is used to lever the post from the ground socket. The foot tool can also be used for removing the Internal securing post on the Impact Recovery System.  (Pin must be inserted to enable use of foot tool)



Impact Recovery System also requires some simple, readily available tools (can be purchased from Smart Urban)


Security Allen Key

Use security Allen key to remove security stud and slip off bollard cover.

Allen Key

Use Allen key to remove Impact Recovery Rings from internal post and re-use time and time again.

Screw driver bit

Use 10 mm drill bit to remove self-locking Taper from internal post and re-use




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