Impact Recovery Bollards


Make bollards impact resistant, removable and re-usable impact after impact, year after year

City of Perth approached us for a simple low cost solution to the growing problem of maintaining bollards in the busy high street

* Innovator of the Year   * DOH&S Worksafe Award  *Smart Sustainable Foundations Made from 100% Recycled petroleum waste    * Patented technology



The problem: Bollards are NOT impact resistant

When impacted, if the bollard is strong enough to withstand the force without bending, the impact force is directed to the foundation which will be dislodged. We discovered that replacing a bollard just once a year costs around $100,000.00 AUD per bollard over the life of a development. They are also very costly to install as they require a massive concrete foundations causing havoc with underground services. We found it appalling that bollards are designed to fail, lining the pockets of the suppliers at rate and tax-payers expense, and the expense of the environment as the entire foundation and bollard end up as landfill. 



We have a simple sustainable solution

Make bollards impact resistant, removable and re-usable impact after impact, year after year

Attempts to make bollards impact resistant have resulted in flexible plastic or spring loaded bollards that are almost useless as they provide no resistance and quickly wear out. We have developed a simple means of making steel bollards rigid and you can alter the resistance to impact, to suit your requirements


Smart Bollard

A low cost and sustainable alternative to solid in-ground bollards for car-parks and low speed environments. Providing protection plus improved safety and sustainability

Smart Safe-stop

Sustainable alternative to concrete filled bollards to protect diners and streetscapes by allowing the bollard to absorb impact and prevent any further forward propulsion



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Join the market leaders

We lead the market in sustainable bollards and foundations, supplying Australia's market leaders including Rio Tinto , Leighton, Downer, Doric, Fulton Hogan, Thiess, Pindan and Georgiou, and local authorities including City of Perth, City of Fremantle, City of Stirling, City of Melville, City of Wanneroo and Main Roads Department.




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