Sustainable foundations 350 mm


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Use to secure any 60OD (50NB) Post, barrier, bollard, item of road-side infrastructure or street furniture making surrounding concrete foundations re-usable impact after impact. 

  • 1 Ground socket (350 mm depth) 
  • 1 Self-locking Taper
  • 1 Cap
  • Self-drilling screws provided
  • Tools required 

No replaceable parts required


Using the world's first truly sustainable foundations your developments remain in pristine conditon year after year.

Substantially reduce the cost of installing & maintaining Infrastructure. Use on new works, preserving the integrity of foundations, or use on maintenance to heal your development one foundation at a time

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  • Zero damage, Zero waste
  • Items remain safe & secure year after year
  • Improve effectiveness
  • Improve workplace safety
  • Improve environmental sustainability
  • Improve financial sustainability



 Worksafe Award DOH&S / Innovator of the Year











Ground socket self-heals

Ground socket is installed in a concrete foundation, protecting the surrounding foundations from damage for the entire lifespan of a development

Items self-lock, remaining secure

A self-locking Taper is attached to the item enabling it to automatically locking in, and remain secure year after year

Removed using Tools

Items can only be removed using tools provided. Items are easily removed, replaced, relocated and even become interchangeable for events, maintenance and upgrades


Works every-time, guaranteed!

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Simply smarter more sustainable infrastructure


350 mm Depth is the standard depth

Suitable for small parking & traffic signposts, road-side structures and street furniture.


Made from 100% Recycled Waste

Units are made from 100% recyled petroleum waste. This new age Smart plastic compound (Considered the world's most environmentally friendly plastic) was selected due to it's excellent  impact resistance and self-healing properties (Lifetime Warranty)

Morse Taper - no breakable components

Items self-lock in ground socket using a Morse Taper (no breakable components). Because of the Taper items cannnot become unstable, loose or stuck in ground socket



Approved by MRWA and Australian road authorities

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