Stop digging up our roads, wasting valuable resources! February 21 2018

Current road infrastructure maintenance practices are costing Australians dearly. Not only does this work cost us billions every year, creating hours of disturbance on our roads, this work is consuming tonnes of valuable carbon resources every day.


As the world is running low on these valuable carbon resources, pressure from environmentalists is increasing for organisations to reduce the output of carbon waste and on-going consumption of these finite resources and roadworkers are struggling to cope with the growing number of cars on our roads and underground services. As a result of increasing pressure from so many parties, our economies are struggling to cope with the rising cost of maintenance.


Every year, as the population grows, the current reactive maintenance practices are consuming more and more carbon resources and tax-payers funds, yet delivering no results. They are actually exacerbating the problem and simply transferring the problem to a future generation for whom all of these issues will be intensified.

Australian Road authorities unanimously agree that we urgently need to improve the resilience of our road-side and urban infrastructure and the effectiveness of our maintenance procedures, view the video to discover a simple solution ...




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