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Smart sustainable foundations

Using this simple technology we can create cleaner, safer more sustainable developments that remain in pristine condition year after year. Smart Sustainable Foundations make concrete footings and pavements reusable impact after impact, and enable maintenance teams to reach previously unattainable levels of safety and effectiveness

Accredited by DOH&S and Approved Nationally



Smart Sustainable Foundations are made using a new-age Smart Plastic that self-heals, making footings re-usable impact after impact 

It is easy to spot a Smart development because pavements remain in pristine condition and items are secured using friction which ensures items of infrastructure remain safe and secure, perfectly aligned,  year after year


Response to infrastructure failures is fast and efficient, keeping roads and footpaths safe and in good working condition day after day, year after year

Instead of requiring hours of digging and heavy labour, items are quickly replaced (from a standing position, facing on-coming traffic) using ergonomically designed removal tools - without disturbance to the public or underground services.



No on-going consumption or waste. No dangerous delays ,  and you continue to save for decades!  

Instead of costing hundreds to replace valuable footings year after year involving hours of digging and heavy labour; new concrete and paving; disposal of carbon waste; and traffic management (this can easily blow out to thousands if you hit underground cables or a worker is injured), the only cost is labour, year after year


Join us in building a better future. "Smart Sustainable Foundations allow quick replacement of items with no further effort required to the base and reduce the risk of injury to employees by reducing time spent exposed to traffic. Our selection is not based on price alone; we also took into consideration the saving aspects.” Main Roads WA 

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Smart Sustainable Foundations are designed and manufactured in Australia. International Patent pending and Trademarked  trademark-symbol  

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